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Helen Clegg – BBC

One of the most dedicated DJs in Rio de Janeiro, started his
career in 1992 when dance music began to rule the dance floors. In 1993 he
was a resident DJ at the Sunrise party, an important event that brought
together thousands of people in the north of Rio de Janeiro. He started out
as a UK Garage DJ, a scene that was emerging at the time. However in 1997,
after hearing DJ Zinc’s vinyl tracks ‘So Damn Fresh’ and ‘Super Sharp
Shooter’, he had a radical change in style, putting all his energy into
playing strictly Drum and Bass. Also in 1997, Fabio Machado began playing
out on Radio FM 100, a radio station that has widespread recognition in Rio
de Janeiro. This station organises events that brings together at least
3,000 people each time. At FM 100 Fabio Machado introduced the underground
electronic music style, playing sounds that had practically never been
heard before on the radio. Since 2001 DJ Fabio Machado has been even more
prominent in the heart of the drum n bass scene, making connections,
developing his skills, and playing out at Ommega festival, an event
dedicated to Psy Trance. At the same time, Fabio Machado made important
cultural links, helping to take the Brazilian name to the four corners of
the earth, securing this style in Brazil.
Now Fabio Machado is completely
dedicating himself to making new sounds. He has also begun producing tunes,
making sounds with the urban collective ‘Drum n Bass and Break Beats’ Makon and
‘Criollos Sound System. Meanwhile, he is also helping to organinse a new
event to Rio de Janeiro at which he has already played alongside names such
as Marcelinho Da Lua, Calbuque, Yanay, Mario Z (considered the fastest MC
in this style and who accompanies Fabio when he plays out) as well as many
others. Watch this space and take note of this name: Fabio Machado is the
face of Drum n Bass!

International Bio :

is tireless. This carioca from Ilha do Governador (Governor Island) has gone from terrorizing the neighbours with the sound of his first pick ups 12 years ago to delighting the ears of drum n bass fans throughout the whole of Brazil. Starting his career in 1992, a time when dance music was dominating the dance floor, he was invited by Marcos Barizon to be a resident dj at Sunrise. During 1993 and 1994, at this monthly session, he started to develop his own style playing hip hop and both US and UK garage. In 1997, a jungle record changed his life. DJ Zinc: So Damn Fresh and Super Sharp Shooter. In 2001, Fabio worked hard to establish a good drum n bass scene in Rio de Janeiro. He organized a first rate line up. His first job as a producer was in a drum n bass tent at Om Mega, a festival that as dominated by the more well-known Trance music. He brought Dj Andy to play in Rio (now resident Dj at the Sub Grave project at the Hotel Cambridge in Sao Paulo). From then on there was no looking back as he became fully immersed in the sounds of drum n bass. He perfected his style at a very impressive speed, now being considered one of the best drum n bass Djs in Rio de Janeiro. For four years he has spread this knowledge of both drum n bass and jungle, playing out throughout the Rio state in Petrópolis, Teresópolis and Itaipava. In 2002 he was given the opportunity to play at the Ecosystem 2.0, described as an electro conference in the middle of the amazon rainforest. At this event he was able to watch famous artists up close such as: Dj Soul Slinger, Afrika Bambaataa, Mad Professor, Adam F and L Double, Free Worm and Dj Mulder . In the jungle tent he met DJ Walkinstick, from Pittsburgh (USA), who in the previous year had played out in the states of Rio de Janeiro and Rio Grande do Sul. Fabio helped the Brazilian national drum n bass scene to expand when, in 2004, he established international connections. A partnership has been created with David Crossley, Dj Davy, Jungle Nation Crew U.K who along with Dj Tez, Jungle Nation Crew U.K are responsible for the introduction of broken beats to the north-west of Great Britain with big names such as: Roni Size , Ed Rush , Andy C , Grooverider, amongst others, who are all part of this international network.

South America History :

the flag for national drum n bass on New Years Eve 2002. He was invited by the organizers, the principle Brazilian mobile phone company (TIM), to play at Geribá beach in Búzios, Rio de Janeiro in front of 50,000 people. In his numerous trips to the south of Brazil, Fabio Machado has shared his pick ups with the Organizers (Cardoso and Nes, Residents of NEO, Firpo, Nando Barth, Krass, Carlos NC, Navarro and Dani amongst others) being introduced on Radio Ipanema FM, Porto Alegre, where he played live. In April 2004, he was invited to participate at Mix Bazzar (BEAT. MIX), a fashion fair in Porto Alegre (international edition: Never Enough London UK). In the Northeast of Brazil, Fabio, for two years running, took part in the music festival MADA (Música Alimento da Alma). With a great friend of his (Dj Cleston), he scratched and mixed tunes like music from the Rio band Acid X, and shared numerous sets with DETONAUTAS. In 2005, he was invited by the Governor of Paraiba to represent Rio de Janeiro in the final edition of XI FERNART the National Art Festival in Joao Pessoa, along side the big names of MPB such as: Elba Ramalho and the Symphony Orquestra of Paraiba, Tom Zé, Cordel do Fogo Encantado, Totonho and the Cabras, Mombojó, Chico Cesar, Chico Correia and his eletronic Band & Botéco Elétrico. In partnership with Oversonics (Djs: Astek, Falcão e Uel) he learnt more about the northeastern electro scene. He has been working with a group of Drum n Bass & Techno producers and Djs to create a future link of Brazilian E-MUSIC. In Rio he used to play with an old-school drum n bass Crew: Marcelinho da Lua, Calbuque and Yanay and, in events such as Mercado Mundo Mix (World Market Mix) and Coca-Cola Vibezone (Porto Alegre 2003, 2005 and Rio de Janeiro ), along side Dom Negrone, Nado Leal, Calbuque ,José Roberto Mahr, Edinho, Mario Z, Ângelo B, Marcelinho da Lua e Dj Marky. In December of 2007 Fabio Play in Santiago wich varios important Djs of Drum and Bass, Jungle , DuB and Hip Hop , names wich ; Fat Pablo , Nakeye, Dj Dacel , Dj Spacio , Roots Selector , Haiti and Cruz , Potoco Discos Records and mcs : Chico Claudio mc , Mc Pab.

Band : Bruno LT -Fabio Machado -Mc Mario Z

Fabio was always looking for different electronic sounds. But in 1997, on listening to “Damn Fresh” and “Super Sharp Shooter” of a DJ Zinc’s vinyl, he had a radical change in his music style, together with MC Mario Z, definitely adopting Drum and Bass as their music and life style. With full knowledge of studio equipments, Bruno made incursions in one of the best recording studios in Rio. After a few years working as a second engineer he had a chance to produce and release some of his tracks and remixes. Now Fabio Machado and MC Mario Z are dedicating themselves in producing new sounds, together with Bruno LT. Versatility may have a wider mean when we talk about Makon’s activities with electronic music and audio techniques. Their full dedication led them to work with great names of international and Brazilian music. Makon’s passion for turntablism makes them being disputaded as the official raves in the world.

Chile Flag :

2008 – 2014 Fabio made of tour of Chile ≤k Val Paraíso, Vinã Del Mar and Santiago. He was invited by Potoco Records, led by Foex, a highly regarded producer in the South Amercian underground Hip-Hop scene, to showcase his productions in the Cine Arte Alameda, the cultural centre in Santiago, alongside Anita Tijoux, DJ Nakeye, DJ Prezz and DJ Spacio at the record release of Solo de Medina, a well-known singer in Chile. While in Val Paraíso, Fabio was invited by Charquipunk to play at an underground club. On his return to Santiago, Roots Selekta (now known as Rootz Hi-Fi with his custom built soundsystem) invited Fabio to play two gigs at the Galpon 9 club. Black Soul and DJ Pi (members of the Jungle Soldiers, Chile) invited Fabio to play in their collective at their weekly night along with DJ Navy (Australia) and MC Pad (Canada). In the second week of the trip, there were more surprises for the Brazilian DJ. Returning to the Cine Arte Alameda, Fabio represented the Brazilian flag once more playing at Rewind, a night organised by the resident DJ Theego, alongside the Hip-Hop group Elefante Mecânico and DJ Deep Man. Fabio was given the chance to play a set on a radio station run by Fat Pablo ( Cajá de Ritmos – Records ) on 97.7 FM (Radio Zero.) The set gave a good overview of drum n’ bass from Rio de Janeiro including tunes by J3, Helena Cutter, Marcelinho da Lua, BossaCucaNova , Drummagic and DJ Andy as well as Fabio’s own tracks. He also did some recording at estúdio3radio , owned by Rootz and Fat. Shortly before returning to Rio de Janeiro, Fabio was invited by DJ Roach and Fat Pablo ( Tsunami Productions, Chile – UK ) to play at the Bar Grand Central, a reknowned club in Santiago where Chile’s best drum n’ bass nights take place.

Colombia  Flag :

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